“Our Story:


It all began with a search for a good and efficient solution to make some rhythm accompaniment for my acoustic guitar duo or trio. I wanted something that was portable, easy to use, and could produce a range of sounds to complement our music.


I tried out various approaches, from using pre-recorded tracks to playing on a Cajon, but nothing seemed to fit the bill. I wanted something that could give us the freedom to improvise and adapt to the vibe of the music we were playing.


After a long time of trial and error, the Floordrum was born. It is a unique instrument that combines the portability and simplicity of a Cajon with the versatility and range of a drum kit, played exclusively with the feet. It makes use of a sound module that was meticulously crafted by my brother Marco, whose genius and hard work were crucial to the success of this project.


From a simple idea created for myself, this instrument has come a long way. It has become not only a passion but also a way for me to make a living out of it. Seeing other musicians enjoy the instrument and the possibilities it offers has been incredibly rewarding.


The Floordrum has revolutionized the way we approach music, allowing us to experiment and explore new horizons. It has become an integral part of our performances, adding depth and dimension to our sound. We are excited to share our creation with other musicians and hope it will inspire them to explore new possibilities in their music as well.”

This is an all handcrafted instrument made one-by-one by me. Its not a commercial industrial product but a unique handmade unit all made in wood. I am not a company but a private person building these units in my free time for now, but I slowly get more and more serious about this project. Its lightweight, cheap, portable and no hassle to setup.



I wanted to create something very easy to set up and to be very portable and have all integrated. In fact the weight alltogether is approx. 8 Kg. Also I wanted to keep a vintage style, folk-country, wooden look to make you forget that this is not an actual acustic kit. I have studied all the pad inclinations and angles to make it very comfortable to play so you don’t get tired after a few songs. The floordrum comes now with an integrated high quality soundmodule. You can set up all the sounds of the pads to your liking or tweak the stored default settings. You can also memorize different drumkits and setups … there are endless possibilities as you can immagine.

High quality Soundmoduls are very expensive and you could easily spend much more for the sound-module alone then for the whole Floordrum itself. So this is now the ideal choice to have fantastic sounds with very low latency (6 msec) in a very cheap and compact package.

Sound Check

Please listen to the samples with headphones or good speakers

Sample 1

Sample 2


Andi Stockbauer

I´m so glad , that i´ve bought the floordrum, its perfect for me. Since 1 year i have 12 pieces farmer footdrum, and since 1 week the floordrum. I´m sure i will use the floordrum from now on stage; and the builder is a very nice person, i mailed 10 times and he asked me all my questions; and also importatnt: the price is fantastic!!!


Just got a floor drum delivered to San Diego CA,USA and its a beautifully crafted instrument. Highly recommended to any solo singer songwriters out there!!!

Charlie Tom Howell

One year of floor drum ownership and i still play it almost everyday. I feel like I purchased the quality made music instrument I never knew I needed. Turn up volume, Play some Phil Collins “in the air tonight” and “don’t care anymore” with drum set #11(toms) and its a blast 🙂 thanks Remo!

Mark Maze

I am a very new owner of this Floordrum. I could not be happier with it. It works great. Remo made it for me and shipped it to Michigan, USA. It came within two weeks of ordering it. I highly recommend this beautiful creation for anyone that is considering it.

Derek Gilliatt

I just got my floordrum 2 days ago. It is so much fun looks and sounds great. So easy to use just plug it in and go.The Guy that makes them is a great guy , I live in Canada had no problems shipping. This is the ultimate stomp box. If you want to add some percussion to your playing this is for you.

Åge Tøndevoldshagen

I bought one of these a couple of months ago and will highly recommend The Floor Drum for everyone who will like to spice up the musical performance. Very nice handcraft, good sound and lots of possibilities. Play easy rythms right out of the box – then it’s up to You


Got mine a couple of weeks ago. The guy couldn’t be more helpful. I love it. Thanks again


I received my Floordrum a few weeks ago. And the least we can say, first of all, is that this object is a great beauty! You can feel the work of a craftsman, it is made with great care and taste. Its wooden design adds a warm side very pleasant to play. But above all, it is the best solution for a guitarist (or any other musician who has free feet!!) to accompany himself. Whether it’s a “real drum sound” version or a percussion ensemble, this floordrum is the perfect instrument! Thanks to you my friend, I discovered a new way to play in front of an audience, alone or with my friend, it’s just great!

Paolo Giri

Grande pedaliera!

Ryan Madiar

I just received one of these Floordrums from Remo. The Floordrum is very well constructed and functions as described. The flexibility customization that the Floordrum allows is amazing!